My name is Louise Kennedy and I am a current third year student studying Journalism and New Media at the University of Limerick. At this point of my journey through college many of my classmates have ventured into new lands to experience all that Erasmus has to offer. I, however, have remained in Limerick to study five modules of my choice from the Arts and Humanities Sector in UL.

This has given me the opportunity to pick what I find interesting and would like to learn about during my final semester of third year. I have picked two modules within the field of psychology which I would have under normal circumstances not been given the opportunity to study.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about different aspects in my two Psychology lectures so far:

  • The Human Mind and the Lifespan.
  • Psychology and Social Issues.

It has opened my eyes to a vast amount of information regarding human behavior and thought.

Even though it is early days in studying this subject, I have already considered the option of pursuing a masters degree  in this area after I graduate college.

As well as studying Psychology in college, I am also spending my leisure time reading about Psychology through scholarly articles and blogs I am following on WordPress. This will help me to get up to speed in my current studies.

Although I am enjoying these modules immensely, I sometimes find it difficult to use a ‘psychologists way of thinking’ when tackling questions during class or participating in group work.

However, As time goes on I am optimistic that I will improve and strengthen my skills and begin fourth year with a mind enriched with knowledge and a new perspective on the world around me.



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