One of my most reflective, challenging and important experiences of college was my six-month work placement at the voluntary media organization in Limerick city, I Love Limerick which began in June 2016.

This was my first experience of working within a field I intend to pursue, Journalism and New Media. I was apprehensive starting my work placement as I wasn’t sure how well I could work in a busy media organization and fit in and conform to the expectations of those around me.

During my placement, I gained an array of skills which will certainly benefit me in the future. I gained an extensive amount of knowledge on the different social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, something crucial in an ever-developing technological world.

As well as this, I also became proficient in my writing and interviewing skills. I attended numerous enjoyable, diverse and unforgettable events around the country from The Rose of Tralee to a Coffee Morning Fundraiser in Limerick.



i love limerick limerick 2020
Me, Fourth from the Left looking cheerful at one of the most memorable events during my work placement, the Limerick 2020 street fair. Photo Credit: Darren Ryan.

I found myself struggling along the way in terms of getting comfortable with prioritizing work such as time sensitive press releases and ensuring I successfully completed google optimization on every news story I published on the I Love Limerick WordPress website.

However, by the end of my placement, all my daily tasks became routine to me and I was steadily evolving into a fully functional journalist. As for the future, my vision is now clearer and I can confidently say working in a media organization is definitely something I will strongly consider to pursue in the future.

Check out I Love Limericks Twitter and Facebook for more information.




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