I recently completed an essay assignment for one of my Psychology modules with the title, “Can a teenagers behavior be blamed for their brain?” Complex indeed.

I did an extensive amount of research and I was fascinated with the content I uncovered. I learned that a part of a brain, The pre-frontal cortex which is associated with reasoning, is rapidly changing during adolescence. This can cause adolescent’s to thrill-seek and not think their actions through.

As well as this, The Amygdala which plays a key role in emotional memory and the Limbic System which controls emotion both become hyperactive during adolescence. Due to this, Adolescent’s are prone to express emotion more strongly to those of other age groups.

However, with all this in mind, it is unfair to say that the human brain fully dictates the behavior of an Adolescent, it only partially does so. Other factors have to be taken into consideration when evaluating an individual’s behavior such as their unique personality, life experiences to date and the environment they are surrounded in.

With all this in mind, a better understanding of the individual’s behavior patterns can be established. 

Although researchers have come a long way since the start of Psychology, there is a lot more to uncover and learn about an organ as complex as the human brain and I look forward to the future.


For more videos like the one above click here.




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