Throughout the past few weeks, My classmates and I in my Psychology and Social Issues Module have been attempting to organize a fundraiser in aid of the Irish Mental Health charity, Jigsaw.

There were certain barriers during the process, the main one being deciding as a collective group which charity to fundraise for. We decided to pick Jigsaw as it centres around dealing with the mental health of those in need across the country. I agreed with this choice as Mental Health is very topical and relevant in todays Irish society.

The second task my class had to overcome was picking what type of fundraiser we would like to do. My class and I weighed the pros and cons of each type of fundraising event we could choose from and eventually came to a conclusion.

The idea of a Bake sale was quickly agrees upon by all the class. We then had to delegate roles and split into groups to make our plans come to life.

I chose to be within the baking group as I enjoy baking and I would find it an enjoyable experience. However, I found it difficult to meet my group as we all had different commitments and it was impossible to find a day each group member was free.

In the end, Our group worked individually and the class as a whole completed all tasks necessary for the long-awaited bake sale.

This fundraiser has thought me the vital importance of team work and I hope we made a difference to the deserving charity and those in need.



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