Since I began life at the University of Limerick, WordPress has been a highly useful and necessary tool for several of my modules. Since I am a trainee Journalist, A WordPress blog is also a highly important aspect in my developing career.

I first encountered WordPress in first year when I had to maintain a blog for several weeks as part of an assignment. Looking back, I’ve come along way since then with not just the content of my blogs but also my website layout.

During my time at I Love Limerick last year as part of work placement, WordPress was the basis of all my work carried out. I worked with an online website where I regularly published articles and maintained the website functions.

I found this time particularly difficult as I began to learn about the SEO in WordPress sites and how to ensure it was always correct. However, after some time and through trail and error I got the hang of it and it has benefited me to this day.

Since then, I am currently maintaining a blog for a current module of mine, Writing for New Media.

Having existing knowledge about WordPress sites has allowed me to perform better this time around than I did back in first year. However, there is always room for improvement.

With all this in mind, I am constantly acquiring knowledge on WordPress through different platforms which will be beneficial to me in both my academic and personal life for years to come.


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