With three years of University coming to a close I’ve been feeling reflective these past few weeks on my time studying Journalism.

During these three years I have learned multiple modules on numerous aspects within the fields of: Journalism, Law, Sociology, Psychology and Cultural Studies.

From the extensive amount of knowledge that is hopefully ingrained into my brain by now I have came to the conclusion that Knowledge is Power.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

Don’t get me wrong, there were modules I wasn’t particularity fond of during these three years and modules I found difficult and hard to stick with. However, persistence is key and aspects of learning I might not have loved were essential in order for me to progress in my career.

I have recently discovered I have a love for Psychology and I am considering pursuing a masters degree in this when I finish college. Something I would have never discovered if I didn’t pick two Psychology modules to study this semester.

University has also taught me that I am good at things I never would have got the opportunity to learn about if I did not go to college, such as the aspect of web design in Journalism which I studied in second year.

To conclude, University has taught me an array of things from all different academic backgrounds, some I loved, others I tolerated, but all are essential in my professional career to come.

As well as this, University has allowed me to mature and slowly begin to ‘find myself’ as an individual within society.

My aim for the future is to continue learning as much as possible in this last year studying at UL as I truly believe the richest person in the room is the one with the most knowledge.



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