What University has taught me so far

With three years of University coming to a close I've been feeling reflective these past few weeks on my time studying Journalism. During these three years I have learned multiple modules on numerous aspects within the fields of:¬†Journalism, Law, Sociology, Psychology and Cultural Studies. From the extensive amount of knowledge that is hopefully ingrained into … Continue reading What University has taught me so far


My WordPress learning experience

Since I began life at the University of Limerick, WordPress has been a highly useful and necessary tool for several of my modules. Since I am a trainee Journalist, A WordPress blog is also a highly important aspect in my developing career. I first encountered WordPress in first year when I had to maintain a … Continue reading My WordPress learning experience

Psychology and Social Issues – Fundraiser

Throughout the past few weeks, My classmates and I in my Psychology and Social Issues Module have been attempting to organize a fundraiser in aid of the Irish Mental Health charity, Jigsaw. There were certain barriers during the process, the main one being deciding as a collective group which charity to fundraise for. We decided … Continue reading Psychology and Social Issues – Fundraiser

Can we rely on the society around us?

In this weeks Psychology lecture, I learned of the horrendous murder of Kitty Genovese on March 13, 1964. The New York native was brutally murdered in broad daylight when she exited her car and proceeded to make her way to her apartment which was only a number of feet away. The interesting part of this … Continue reading Can we rely on the society around us?

My Co-op Experience

One of my most reflective, challenging and important experiences of college was my six-month work placement at the voluntary media organization in Limerick city, I Love Limerick which began in June 2016. This was my first experience of working within a field I¬†intend to pursue, Journalism and New Media. I was apprehensive starting my work … Continue reading My Co-op Experience